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Quiz rules and regulations

Basic rule of the competition:
  • 1. Only team entries are allowed, and team shall consist of two persons. There is not limit of teams from single institution.
  • 2. The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
  • 3. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
There will be two rounds:
  • 1. Preliminary round or elimination round.
  • 2. Final round or stage round.
1. Preliminary round:

Each team will be given a set of question paper containing 20 multiple choice objective type questions.

The following rules will be application for the preliminary round:

  • Time limit: 15 minutes.
  • Each question will carry 1 mark.
  • Only top 6 teams will be selected for final or stage rounds.
  • In case of tie between 2 or more teams, further 5 questions will be asked for final selection.
2. Final quiz/stage round:

The final round will be comprised of following rounds:

  • 1) Find the connection
  • 2) Direct from the subject
  • 3) Current affairs
  • 4) Updates in Oncology
  • 5) Rapid fire

The following rules will be application for the preliminary round: (5 marks will be awarded for correct answer)

  • Response time for each question is 30 seconds.
  • There is not pass option.
  • Team discussion is allowed.
  • In the rapid-fire round, each team will be asked 10 question one after another.
  • 5 marks will be awarded for the correct answer and 5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.